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Please help us change lives around the world.
lets equip the children of the world with this weapon to help them make a better life

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Be My Santa

Be My Santa
we are ready to give back this x-mas ARE YOU?? join us this 9th Dec, And be a santa to someone…<br />


x-mas Is Near ARE YOU READY TO BE MY SANTA?? join us this 9th Dec, And be a santa to someone…

Support Our Community.

Support Our Community.
We provide scholastic materials and other basic needs such as clothing and hence looking forward to creating shelter for the homeless.


We welcome volunteers with skills and experience that can be used in the classroom or for the benefit of the local community.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child
you can also join us today and sponsor a child in our community, all help is welcome as we have many children that need help.
We’re helping hands on

345 Children in 12+ Communities In Uganda.

Affordable Healthcare
we work with many healthcare providers who help provide cheap and affordable healthcare to the people in need.
Charity Libraries
After joining hands with some volunteers, we are planning on building Libraries in different communities to help students access the different school materials they need.
Since food is one of the things that many street children can not easily get, we make sure that we provide food for all the children who need food in the community.
Education & Training
We also empower the children with skills such as baking, Catering, fashion and design, weaving and modeling.
Sustainability is key in supporting the children and thanks to our sponsors and volunteers we are able to Sustain all the children in our care.
Local outreach
we have small Local outreach programs that have helped us meet and help more people in need in different communities.
help Uganda better

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Here are some of the featured campaigns that you can advocate to join or support.

You Can Make A Difference

Donate to support our projects today and be apart of a world changing experience.
Join Team
Join Team
You can Join our team as a sponsor or a volunteers and start making a difference today.
Report A Case
Report A Case
you can also make a difference by reporting to our team cases of children who need help in your community.
Increases quality of life
Agreed that there experience with us added to their child’s quality of life
Believed that our support gave their family a greater sense of closeness
Health Benefits
Are able to get cheap and quality healthcare in the communities we operate in.
Emotional Benefits
Reported their child had a stronger sense of well-being due to their experience with Us.

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